World Bank Supports Ghana With $60M To Improve Energy, Tourism Sectors

The World Bank last Friday approved two International Development Association (IDA) credits of $60 million for the Ghana Energy Sector Transformation Initiative Project and the Ghana Tourism Development Project.

Specifically, the Ghana Energy Sector Transformation Initiative Project received $20 million to strengthen the capacity of the energy sector, implement sector reforms, and improve energy sector planning and coordination in Ghana.

“The project supports the government’s plan through a comprehensive package of regulatory, policy, and operational measures and platforms for stakeholder engagement to help the government address near-term challenges and lay the groundwork for Ghana’s energy sector transformation,” said Henry Kerali, World Bank Country Director for Ghana.

“Electricity consumers will also benefit from enhanced sector governance and improved energy services and access.”

The project is aligned with the priorities of the government’s Coordinated Program of Economic and Social Development Policies.

The Ghana Tourism Development Project received financing of $40 million to improve the performance of tourism in targeted destinations.

The project will enhance the tourism sector’s offerings, diversify its impact, and help increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the Ghanaian economy.

The project will also support micro, small, and medium enterprises, which will benefit from improved access to markets, better public goods provision in the targeted tourism destinations, and better-skilled workers.