World Bank commits US$3.1m for digital entrepreneurship and skills agenda

The World Bank has supported Ghana government with US$3.1 million towards its digital entrepreneurship and skills agenda.

The support, which was provided through the Transformation Project, is to ensure that the youth become Information Communication Technology (ICT) literate.

Speaking at the programme, monitoring and evaluation co-ordinator for the Transformation Project, Victor Adadjie indicated that the money would be used for the implementation of innovative programmes and the establishment of an mlab and two iHubs.

“The mlab, which is also known as TechLab, is responsible for implementing the robotics and coding component of the innovation programme,” he said.

Mr Adadjie noted that Master Card Foundation was trying to leverage on the benefit that will be realised from the lab, adding that “they are ready to sponsor 12,000 youths for training in ICT to help them realise their dreams”.

The robotic coach for the Methodist Girls Senior High School, Ben Amoakoh, also stated that it took a lot of hard work for the school to win the global robotic competition, stressing, “When we started, I told them we’re not going for vacation but a competition. In preparing girls for a competition, you need to pamper and push them at the same time.”

He further said that: “I don’t teach them what to do, but rather I help them think to get a solution. If I see an error in what they do I leave it for them to think for the solution.”

The countries Ghana competed with, the Robotic Coach mentioned, were far advanced because “we didn’t have much of the kits, especially the advanced ones, but we were able to win because of hard work and discipline”.

Mr Amoakoh added that the robotics would help the country’s shipping industry in the arrangement of consignments.

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