VRA ready to pay off debt

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Volta River Authority (VRA) Mr. Kirk Koffi has pledged to pay off debts it owe the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAGP), to help improve power situation in the country, official sources say.

He said government is arranging to support payment of the outstanding arrears to WAGP to enable it to continue its supply of gas for energy production.

Mr. Koffi explained that there are frantic moves underway to reverse the erratic power supply situation in the country.

According to him, the current developments within the power sector point to the end of the energy crisis as has been assured.

“For the past two months we had challenges with our own gas supply from the Jubilee field, so that also gave us a challenge. Now Jubilee is back, all our units are running, we also getting more than enough from Nigeria.

“We’ll ensure we do the payment going forward; the outstanding arrears is what we have agreed on the payment strategy to that.

“As we speak now, Ghana gas is also coming; we are getting enough Ghana gas for our plant in Takoradi; we getting Nigerian gas for our plant in Tema.

“So we just hopeful that the Nigerians will continue to supply and we will also make sure to do the payment going forward.”