Uber Drivers To Strike Again

Uber drivers in the country are threatening another strike action over what they say is unfair treatment by the company.

In a petition submitted to managers of the company, the drivers want management to adjust money charged clients.

The drivers claim despite the increases in fuel prices, the Transport Services Company has refused to adjust fares they charge riders.

They also complain that despite the non increment in the charges, the company runs promotions for riders which reduces money that goes to the drivers.

Spokesperson for the drivers, Tordo, Dziedzorm Wise who is also the Public Relations Officer of the Online Private Drivers Association, disclosed to Citi Business News  that they have given the company a week ultimatum to address their grievances or face their wrath.

“They don’t even inform us that they are running promotions. They give discounts and at the same time take their 25 percent retention fare, “he noted.

Mr. Wise explained further that “we charge in pesewas and for a long time, there has not been any increase in the charges, despite the increment in fuel prices. Now when you send  the customer to his destination, all of a sudden he has a discount and that automatically reduces our money” he explained.”

The drivers are also complaining among other issues that the company refuses to give drivers a fair hearing when customers lodge complaints about them.

“Managers of the company will just block the drivers without listening to their side of the stories, “he said.

The online Private Drivers Association has over 2000 members made up drivers signed up to online transportation companies including Uber and Taxify.

Uber drivers in April this year embarked on a sit down strike, over the 25 percent commission charged them by the company.

They complained that  the 25 percent retention fares remitted to the Transport Services Company, Uber, was rendering their businesses unprofitable.