This is the right time to invest in Real Estate – CEO, Capemay Properties advises

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Capemay Properties, Eunice Adjei Bonsu, has said the time has come for people to invest in real estate in order to secure their future.

Eunice Adjei Bonsu says with uncertainties and unpredictability of markets and other investment instruments across the globe, the best investment option is for people to go into real estate investments, particularly in Ghana where prices of properties always appreciate.

Speaking in an interview on how people can leverage the many opportunities and certainty that investments in real estate bring, she said once the investment is well structured to make entry affordable and returns predictable, the phobia and misinformation around investments in real estate will be discarded.

“Our goal in the property industry is to create investment opportunities and wealth-building opportunities for the next generation of property investors. We believe the next generation needs sound education on solid investments in the area of real estate as an investment option in order to secure their future wealth”.

“We are confident of providing properties of high standards, fitted with quality amenities and in prime locations to make for a great investment and yield great returns” she added.

Benefits of investing in real estate
There are some very major benefits when people invest in real estate.
1. Potential Profits; Real estate is a value for money business and therefore, when the investor re-sells the property, there is great potential for profit. Since real estate values typically increase with inflation, property investments can serve as a hedge against inflation. In addition to being able to sell real estate, investors can make money renting it. Landlords typically get a steady net income from their rental property.

2. Leverage; With the purchase of real estate, an investor attains financial leverage. The real estate owner can borrow money – whether a second mortgage, home equity loan or personal loan – using the real property as collateral. It also takes a smaller proportionate outlay to purchase real estate than other investments.

3. Non-Liquidity and fluctuating real estate market; Real estate is a very non-liquid asset. A property owner might not be able to sell his investment when he wants to, or for the price he needs to in order to make a profit.

It is worth noting that stocks the world over have taken a big hit as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic as much as rent has gone down. However, once the economy picks up, securing a real estate investment or keeping your current investment will boom. Hence, this is the best time to buy so when the economy recovers, the property will appreciate and they can resell.

4. Appreciation; On top of the build-up in equity from paying down the mortgage, you will also benefit from the increase in property value.

5. Equity; According to Capable Wealth, each time you make a mortgage payment a part of it goes toward paying interest on the loan and a part goes toward paying down the principal value of the property. With each payment, you own more and more of the property. Over time, Real Estate prices tend to go up in value. From the 1960s through the early 2000s there wasn’t a single year of decline in the median home price in the U.S.