The Soprano – intimate poolside restaurant

The Soprano – intimate poolside restaurant

La Villa Boutique Hotel is a delightful boutique hotel and an oasis of calm in the bustling neighbourhood of Osu. Tucked away in the Old Russian Embassy opposite the old Chickin’likn, La Villa takes its mission as an intimate meeting place for romantics and private business people very seriously. A very discrete signboard announces its presence but this does not take away from the hotel’s aura of mystique and romance. With gates always open to express the inviting nature of the staff and owner. The aesthetics are further complimented by the bamboo lanterns that light the path into the restaurant.

My love affair with La Villa began as I walked through the well-lit lobby with its strategically placed art work and smiling concierge ready to give directions to customers heading to the restaurant. The transition from the cold lobby into the warm mini tropical rainforest that engulfs the path to the poolside was a shift from cosmopolitan to haven. The warm glow of the lanterns lighting the garden cast dancing shadows across the pool; fitting signs of the joy and delights awaiting me through the doors of The Soprano.

The charm of La Villa extends to The Soprano. The indoor restaurant has a very elegant, formal ambiance that melds with intimate poolside and rooftop seating. I was immediately charmed by the discretely placed lighting and the simple well-crafted furniture. Our waiter was very friendly and helpful which almost made up for the fact that he didn’t know the menu. I was slightly disappointed when he gave us the old menu before correcting himself with the new edition. The staff was very helpful; I needed to charge my phone and they quickly found a blackberry charger for me. So I’ll give top points there.

The menu follows the theme of simple elegance. From the classic mashed potato to the Italian themed pasta, the food served aimed for a light balance of flavour and texture. We ordered the Gnocchi with Lobster Sauce, the mashed potato with glazed pork chops in apple sauce and a steak in sauce with sautéed potatoes.

After sitting inside for under 15 minutes, I knew there was no way I could resist the call of the large cane basket-looking chair in the corner of the garden. My dinner date and I could barely conceal our excitement when the waiter confirmed that the seat was available. In  30 seconds, we were outside and lying down in our ‘basket’ as we waited for the waiter. The feeling of extreme decadence is one I whole-heartedly recommend and I hope this wonderful piece of furniture  is still there when you visit. . It felt like I was eating in bed!

When I took my first bite of the Gnocchi my taste buds sat up and sang. The Gnocchi sat in a creamy white sauce lighted spiced for good flavour, the lobster was tender and well spiced. The portions were very generous and my meal was lovely. The mashed potato melted in my mouth and the pork chops were cooked well. The steak wasn’t as delightful as the other dishes but still gave a good showing. It was reasonably tender and I have a soft spot for sautéed potatoes.

The Soprano restaurant at La Villa Boutique has a lot of potential. It offers good service and with a little more training of its wait staff could easily be one of the great restaurants in Accra. The food was generously portioned (to go pack!!) and beautifully flavoured. The Soprano is certainly living up to its name of being the prima donna of hotel restaurant food so far. I’ll be going back and I hope to see you there.