SSNIT moves to tackle low pensions

As part of strategic measures to improve low pension benefits, officials of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) embarked on its mobile service week exercise to provide solutions regarding contributions, benefit applications and maintenance of clients’ bio and financial data.

In a move to correct this situation, the Director General of the Trust, Dr. John Ofori-Tenkorang told the Goldstreet Business it was imperative employees start engaging their employers to consider consolidating their salaries and emoluments to guarantee a decent pension.

This has become necessary as some SSNIT contributors receive relatively low salaries. In effect, about 25 per cent of active contributors of the scheme earn less than Ghc400 a month.

Instructively, SSNIT insists it is time to change the narrative on low pensions which had persisted over the years as the Trust pension scheme is basically based on the salaries on which one pays contributions and the benefits thereof.

In ensuring obligation under the scheme, members, most importantly employees, have been admonished to show interest in knowing if their contributions are paid and on the right salaries.

“The variable in there is your salary. If you contribute based on a relatively big salary, you will get a big pension. Let’s all work to change the narrative, bearing in mind, you can earn as high as 60 percent of the average of the best three years’ salaries you contributed on as your monthly pension”, Dr. Ofori-Tenkorang reiterated.

The mobile service exercise which began last week Monday and ended on Friday saw a total of 70 branches of the Trust pitched camp at vantage areas of jurisdiction across the country aimed at bringing services closer to clients as well as enlightening them on their responsibilities and benefits under the scheme.

Importantly, the exercise served as a platform to sensitise members on the factors applied in calculating SSNIT benefits which include the age at which one retires; the average of the best three years’ basic salaries on which one contributed and the number of months contributions were made.

The activities that were handled at the designated mobile service locations included registration of employees and employers, validation of contribution reports and initiation of benefits processing for eligible members and nominated dependents.

The SSNIT mobile service is a yearly programme organized nationwide. This year’s theme aptly captured on: The SSNIT Pension Pot: How much you put in determines what you get out. This implies that one’s contribution into the SSNIT fund has an impact on the pension benefits one receives at retirement.

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