Samsung to support app developers in Ghana

Local app developers now have the opportunity to benefit from an innovative partnership with Samsung.

The electronic and appliances brand by way of promoting local content, has called on app developers in the country to come forward with their inventions to be integrated in their new product.

TV product manager for Electroland Ghana Ltd, Benjamin Afrifa spoke to Joy Business on the sidelines of the launch of new Samsung QLED smart TV.

He said, “We are already discussing for a content local Developer to be on our tv platform today I introduce wonder zip tv app that we are going to have on our smart television. We can get to have access to content which as at now is a first nobody has it.”

“And it’s going to be exclusive only on samsung smart tvs. The app developer is a Ghanaian company that we are working with to develop it. That is the little we can give back to the Ghanaian society in the sense that we want to promote local content.”

Mr. Afrifa said, “We want to make sure that what we do in our business positively impact on the local environment.”

He said, “We have a video we calling ‘see Ghana in one billion colours,’ we actually got a local developer to do this for us. We also partner tech leaders and innovators in Ghana to grow our business together.”