Power barge connected to national grid – GRIDCo

The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) has connected the power barge to the national grid.

The connection, Citi Business News understands was completed a couple of days ago.

Chief Executive of GRIDCO, Engineer William Amuna in a Citi Business News interview said his outfit is ready to feed into the national grid with power generated by the barge since the various tests needed on the facility have been carried out.

Engineer William Amuna last week said the transmission lines from the power ship to GRIDCO’s smelta 2 substation was completed, awaiting connection to the power barge.

The GRIDCO boss however said they are awaiting some mechanical works being carried out on the barge to enable final transmission.

GRIDCo during the arrival of the barge on November 28 promised to connect the plant to the national grid within a week.

Engineer William Amuna told Citi Business News that “we are done with the connections, we actually are done with the termination of the barge about three days ago.  We have gone through all the relay settings, the protection, testing and everything.  As we indicated last week, we said within one week we should give you a deal, we are very ready now.”

“There are other things being done on the barge, the generators and other things…the manufacturers are also doing the final checks on the generators, once they are okay we will be ready to power the line and supply power to the grid,” he added.

The power barge contracted from Turkey is part of the medium term measures adopted by government to mitigate the effects of the power crisis.



Source: citifmonline