Pay remainder of matured coupons – Individual bondholders push

The Coalition of Individual Bondholders is putting pressure on the government to make sure that other matured coupons are paid.

This comes after some individual bondholders were paid coupons that matured on February 6 and March 13.

The Group has been adamant about receiving payment for coupons on bonds that were not tendered under the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme.

Senyo Hosi, convenor of the Individual Bondholders Forum, told Citi News that the government must be clear about when outstanding payments will be made.

“This payment is welcoming news, but there are three different payments that are yet to be paid and are past due. They should also indicate when that payment will be made. What they should be doing on the communication side is to bring out a payment schedule in the next couple of days as advance information. That is the responsible and proper thing to do to engender confidence in the market. Unfortunately, all this is known, and the regulators sit aloof when all these things are being breached.”