NourishLab’s Smoothys

pina colada

The concept of fast food is actually quite a part of our culture. It was around in the form of waakye, kenkey, kelewele etc. before Chickn Lickn and Papaye made a show of it in the early 90’s. While more and more modern fast food joints entered the market, one came and stood out as the only one claiming healthy food in the blink of an eye. They are NourishLab’s Smoothys.

They were established in 2005 and opened on the famed Oxford Street in Osu, Accra. They offer healthy smoothies made from seasonal fruits with fun names and have salads, sandwiches, hot beverages, pastries and free Wifi.

The laid back ambience, moderate price range and their willingness to host contemporary art progammes  has endeared them to the young, upwardly mobile band of entrepreneurs and artsy types.  Some of these entrepreneurs, obviously start-ups with no designated office space have been spotted working or having meetings at Smoothys.

They, however, also have a strong following from the corporate sphere. They come there mostly during lunch hours to catch up on some healthy eating, either to augment an exercise regime or to help keep all that sedentary work fat build-up at bay.

Of course if one just wants a cool place with good music and good food to chill, or a healthy snack or meal to take away, they are open 7 days a week.

They have the conventional table and chairs settings as well as three living room type settings facing the TVs in the medium sized space. The TVs are usually set to the movie channel or the food channel and occasionally you can just about hear the sound above the Motown or jazz music that emanates from their hidden speakers.

Their famous smoothie names include Bone Shaker (strawberry, mango ginger and honey) and Job 600 (strawberry, banana, honey and nutmeg) the names of which have some significance to Ghanaian culture. Osu R.E. named after the place where they are situated is a sweet tropical mix of pineapple, banana and pawpaw.

If you’re in the mood for something hotter, you can choose from their teas, hot cocoa or coffee.

Their salads come with tuna, chicken, egg or sausage and you can get your choice of extra toppings like apples, avocado or cheese.

chicken wrap

If you’re more inclined to bite into your salad rather than use a fork, you can order the wraps and sandwiches. They are basically just their salads wrapped in light pastry. They are delicious and very filling and with a drink or a smoothie will constitute a full meal.

While not overtly friendly, their service is quick and wordless, and unless one puts their feet up on the couch, they pretty much leave you to your own devices. This is possible because of their pay-before-service system.

They are open from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm daily except Sundays when they open from noon.

Healthy snacks and meals, a relaxed atmosphere and easy to reach in the Osu business district as well as a branch East Legon, makes NourishLab’s Smoothys the perfect, brunch, lunch, dinner work or hang-out joint for the working class.