Le Must….Understated Elegance, Extraordinary Service and Exceptional Food… Bon Appétit

Le Must….Understated Elegance, Extraordinary Service and Exceptional Food… Bon Appétit

My hat goes off to the gentleman responsible for the new injection of life into 20 year old Le Must restaurant in Labone. The tag line “Crème de la Crème” is quite fitting for this quaint building lit up with finesse and fashioned in thatch. The ambiance created by the warm yellow lighting on the exterior walls and the wrought iron cane chairs beckon to every passerby and holds the promise of delectable cuisine to be enjoyed.

Barely able to hold back my shivers of anticipation, as I opened the door, I paused to say a silent prayer that the interior would not be a disappointment as is the case with many restaurants in Accra. I was far from disappointed. The remarkabledécor transports you to a lost Paris. With a well-lit open hallway, the maître d’ desk to the right, piano to the left, stone walls and mirrors, the interior decorator has created  a stunning turn-of-the-century setting. The interior is intimate and quaint with lighting that is soft and inviting, while the mix of tables, two private rooms and a patio make it just as perfect for a romantic dinner as one with a table full of friends.

The staff gets brownie points for their enthusiasm and excellent service. Within seconds of walking through the door, there was someone who appeared true to the saying that good waiters “anticipate the customer’s needs” and pointed out the food and drinks menu opened out on the maître d’s table. Though the prices on the impressive menu varying from Italian inspired meals, French cuisine to sea food did stun me at first, another look at the interior and a smile from the second waiter convinced me that the charge was a small price to pay for comfort and good service.  The most expensive item on the menu is the sea food platter but this comfortably feeds 4 diners (maybe female diners).

My very eager waiter led me to a charming table tucked away in a stone walled alcove – quite the romance builder. Presented once again with the menu, I was faced with the challenge I dread the most, making up my mind. When it comes down to having to pick a meal, I break into a mini sweat as I salivate over all the options I must turn down. I’ve never been good at doling out rejection. The drinks menu is extremely extensive with a prodigious variety of South African wines  with a few French and Chilean options thrown in. Given the mood and my need to celebrate, I indulged in a strawberry daiquiri. Having gotten used to daiquiris in Ghana lacking the sweetness that masks the liquor, I was pleasantly surprised to taste a refreshing sweetness with a slight kick.

Determined to satisfy my cravings for seafood and chicken, I ordered a seafood gratin as an appetizer and a chicken fricassee (French stew) with seafood for my main course. Feeling bold and determined to live on the wild side, I sipped my daiquiri and waited in anticipation for my tasty delights. Although the wait for the food was a tad long, and my stomach growled persistently, threatening to go in search of the chef, I was pleased I chose to wait patiently. Words cannot do justice to the sensory experience I had as a result of the chef’s culinary excellence. Delectable fresh sea food, well-seasoned and thoroughly cooked chicken with just the right amount of moisture. I topped my exquisite meal off with caramel custard that teased my senses and created a craving to begin the sensual culinary journey all over again. And I did experience it again. To be honest, I’ve experienced the pure aromatic decadence from the kitchens of Le Must on three occasions and I will be going back for more.

… Bon Appétit