Interests on mortgage loans increases to 31.5 percent

Ghana’s quest to reduce the almost 2 million housing deficit may take a long time as interest on mortgage loans continue to rise.

According to latest average interest and Annual percentage report released by the Bank of Ghana, interest on home loans increased marginally from 30.6 to 31.5 percent between May and September this year.

The report also showed that Ecobank offers the lowest mortgage rate while Unibank offers the highest mortgage rates.

But it appears the banks have either reduced, increased or maintained their rates on home loans.

The report which surveyed 29 banks showed that Ecobank’s rate has reduced from 34.1 percent to between 19 and 29.3 percent.

At the second position is GCB Bank whose mortgage rate has also declined from between 32.4 to 38.1 percent in May to 21 to 31 percent.

At the third position is Societe General whose rate has rather increased from between 21.8-29.8 percent to 22.0-30.0 percent.

Stanbic bank comes up at number four though its rate has reduced from 30 to between 23 to 32 percent.

Bank of Baroda which previously offered the cheapest rate on home loans now places fifth with its figure increased from 24.5 to 28.8 percent.

Zenith bank’s unchanged figure; 29 percent, also kept its position unchanged at number 6.

New entrant, Sovereign bank comes up at number 7 with its interest on home loans at 29-29.3 percent.

At the 8th,9th and 10 positions are HFC Bank, ADB bank and FBN Ghana with 29.7 -30.3 percent;30.75 and 32.8 percent respectively.

At number 11, is UT bank whose rate declined from 32.2 and 35.2 percent to 32.1 to 35.1 percent.

While Energy Bank placed 12th with its rate increased from 28.5 percent to 33.4 percent, Prudential bank placed 13th with its mortgage rate kept unchanged at 33.6 percent.

Cal Bank and Barclays Bank all followed with their mortgage rates unchanged at 35.3 and 36.1 to 40.1 percent.

The Royal bank however increased its mortgage interest from 40.2 to between 35.5 and 40.5 percent.

Unibank still came up as the bank with the highest mortgage rate of 45.1 percent; slightly lower than the initial maximum interest of 45.8 percent.

Similarly, Bank of Africa increased its rate on home loans to 36.6 percent while Sahel Sahara’s mortgage interest dropped from 34.6 to 39.6 percent to 38.1 percent.

Nonetheless, Access Bank, First Atlantic Bank, Capital bank, Fidelity bank, First National Bank, GT Bank, NIB, GN Bank, Stanchart and UBA do not offer mortgage loans.