Hebron Investment pauses online trade

Hebron Financial Investment Limited has halted its online forex trading following the Bank of Ghana’s decision to stop the operations of the company.

The central bank, on Tuesday announced it had halted the operations of Hebron financial investment for flouting the country’s foreign exchange Act.

A statement on the matter and copied to further cautioned the public to stay away from the institution.

But speaking on Business Today, the CEO of Hebron Financial Investment, Ebo Eshun explained that though the company had halted operations, he is confident that the outfit is not operating outside the law.

“We are not operating our online trading business but our training session where we train people in forex trading,” Ebo Eshun stated.

He added, “The fact that we are acquiescing to their demands does not mean that we are going contrary to the rules. We respect them as the authority but that doesn’t mean their findings are true; we are acquiescing for the sake of peace and that is why we are standing down.”

Hebron Financial Investment in a rejoinder refuted claims its operations run contrary to the regulations guiding forex trading in Ghana.

The company explained that its operations were carried out in a professional manner.

“We hereby submit that this is absolutely false and does not represent the interest of our core values, it is not who we are,” the rejoinder stated.

“Hebron is engaged in a clean, transparent financial services and seeks to advance the interest of our clients in the most ethical, honest and professional manner. Any suggestion that we are doing contrary is most inappropriate,” it further added.

The Bank of Ghana is however yet to comment on the next move following the company’s stance.