Goldstreet Business Donates To ORrphanage

The management and staff of Goldstreet Business, Ghana’s leading business newspaperon Wednesday, March 28, donated foodstuffs and toiletries valued at over GHS13,000 to the New Life Nungua Children’s Home in Accra.

In addition the newspaper house also donated a cow, cartons of purified water and office furniture to the home.

Speaking at the function, Mr. Charles Wireko, publisherof Goldstreet Business explained that the donation is the company’s token to the children who will miss what others from privileged backgrounds will receive this festive season. To,therefore,put a smile on the faces of the children the business newspaper decided to bring some sunshine into their lives.

In response, the Proprietor and Founder of the home,NiiAfoteyBotwe II who was full of praise for the newspaper team said since he started the home in 2000, no one has donated a cow to the home and expressed his appreciation for the event.

NiiAfoteyBotwe II explained that his motivation for setting up the home came from his personal childhood experiences where he saw the less fortunate being taken advantage of.

His stay in the Netherlands reinforced the idea that someone must help the unfortunate to escape poverty and one way of doing that is through education and the creation of opportunities.

After he became a born again Christian and made suggestions to the pastor of his church on how to use church funds to help the disadvantaged was spurned, he knew he must personally do what he believes in.

The founder said further that the failure of our society to take care of the unfortunate ones has led to the emergence of such groups as Boko Haram and Al Qaeda creating problems for the world.

With a school that is up to the final year of the junior high school programme attached to the orphanage, the school is also offering practical technical and vocational teaching to the children.

These include automobile engineering for which he has a diagnostic machine which enables the children identify problems with a car and repair it.

In addition, the orphanage has almost completed a boys’ hostel which the students, as part of their practical training, were heavily involved in construction.

He explained that one of the students, who is technically gifted, supervised the project and fabricated the burglarproof windows and such items.

Currently a massive five story building is under construction and when completed will house the vocational and technical education departments.

The home also takes care of 180 disabled persons and 34 aged in addition to the children.

He expressed his appreciation to Goldstreet Business, Ghana’s leading business newspaper,for making a difference in the lives of the children during this Easter.