GIPC Woos African-American Investors

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) has called on the American Business Association including the National Black Association (NBA) to explore and partner Ghanaian businesses to promote their own investments in the country.

According to GIPC, the African-American community alone spends $1.3 trillion annually on investments and businesses in various parts of the world with just a small percentage coming to Africa.

Members of the NBA are currently in Ghana seeking investment opportunities.

In an interview with Class Business, the CEO of the GIPC, Yoofi Grant advised the NBA to partner local investors for quicker returns.

He said: “The National Black Association is a very important group of people. They are African-Americans who have achieved MBAs in Education and found in most of the big corporate names that you can think about, so, it’s a very resourceful group but this time they are organising themselves to promote trade and investment between the association or the African-Americans in the diaspora and Ghana.

“They should express interest in partnerships; partnerships with the local economy are almost critical to define the success of their companies in Ghana [because], the foreign investors who have had indigenous partners in Ghana have tended to market much quicker than those who don’t”.