GEPA Introduces Market Hub Online Portal For Exporters And Consumers.

Ghana Export Promotion Authority (GEPA) on Thursday introduced an online platform dubbed, “The GEPA Market Hub” for exporters and consumers.

Mr Albert Kasimah, GEPA Deputy Chief Executive Officer said the GEPA Market Hub is a unique one-stop shop with resources and information on international trade.

It has both Exporters and Buyers Hub. The exporters’ hub is an online portal hub for export and promotion of products, whereas the buyers’ hub is for consumers to access and buy products.

Mr Kasimah stated at a business seminar organised by GEPA in collaboration with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) for stakeholders in the export sector.

He indicated that the Market Hub online portal would help stakeholders expand their markets, as well as inform them of critical market access requirements, certification and standards in export promotion.

He added that the Market Hub portal would revolve around the keys areas of GEPA’s operation, that is Agriculture, Manufacturing, Industry and the Service sector.

Mr Edward Eshun Lartey, GIPC Director of Investment Services described GIPC is a key partner of GEPA in the identification and registration of local and international businesses.

“GIPC assists GEPA in the supply chain agenda, that is, we identify local and international businesses for GEPA,” he said.

He said the theme for the seminar, thus “Made in Ghana: Globally Accepted,” reflected GEPA and GIPC’s vision of helping the Ghanaian industry and business sector achieve growth and prosperity.

The seminar was organized in line with the Ghana Trade Fair Company’s target for the on-going 23rd Edition of the International Trade Fair and Exhibition. The fair is expected to end on March 11.