Game Changer For Mobile Phone Users

World Panel Inc. plans to deploy extensively in Ghana within the first half of next year. World Panel Inc. flagship products: SunStream™ and SunStream Plus™ charge mobile phones at or near the same speed as a wall plug. The products stream electricity from the sun directly into mobile devices and require no chipsets or PC boards.

“We plan to full deployment in Ghana within the first half of 2016,” John Anderson CEO of World Panel told Business World. According to Anderson, World Panel is currently testing the Ghanaian market and the test has gone extremely well.

In November this year, World Panel Inc. announced a deal with South African Telco, Vodacom as a key retail partner to sell its new SunStream™ in select stores.

“This is a game changer for many because mobile phone users from every walk of life can now benefit from reliable and portable access to renewable electricity,” Suraya Hamdulay, Executive Head for Vodacom Sustainability said of the partnership with Vodacom.

“More announcements will be coming in the next few weeks,” Anderson said to Business World, about similar arrangements with partners across Africa to increase their African footprint.

“I originally visited Africa with a solar prototype for household purposes and was consistently asked by residents whether it could charge their phones. I’ve returned with a product that is essential for anyone who owns a mobile phone but who has limited access to dependable energy sources,” said World Panel CEO John Anderson.