Energy Ministry withdraws LPG draft policy after uproar

The Energy Ministry has withdrawn the draft national LPG policy following massive opposition from some stakeholders.

The Tanker Drivers Association expressed outrage over some components of the draft policy saying it will put its members out of business and create a monopoly for oil company Puma Energy.

The drivers also planned to demonstrate against the government if it did not suspend the policy.

The Ministry may have been compelled by the threat by the Tanker Drivers Union and members of the general public who were also anger by plans to create monopoly over  for one company.

A letter signed by the Acting Chief Director of the Ministry, Lawrence Apaalsethe and sighted by Citi News said his outfit suspended the policy for further consultations.

“We have taken note of the progress made so far by the Ministerial sub-committee from under the NPA to review the above policy. We have also taken note of the challenges faced by the sub-committee in the completion of its work as well as the concerns raised by LPGMCs and Tanker Drivers’ Union on the policy.”

“In view of the above, the Ministry wishes to recall the draft National LPG policy for further consultations with all relevant stakeholders especially LPGMCs and Tanker Drivers,” the statement added.