Until recently, finding a decent cup of coffee in Accra had always been a challenge for the lovers of good brewed coffee. It’s not uncommon to find someone talking about looking forward to visiting that special friend who always seems to have a good cup of brewed coffee.

A bold attempt by the operators of the Delifrance franchise in Ghana is changing all that. With five branches spread evenly across the city, Delifrance has made its mark as the gathering spot for all coffee lovers.

As a coffee lover I am always on the lookout for a good cup of cappuccino or espresso. The scent of freshly brewed coffees is a welcome whiff that I always look forward to.

I have drunk coffee in three of Delifrance locations, Osu, Airport and Labone. Whilst all three have a similar set up and the coffee tastes almost the same, small differences still exist. If you like your coffee really hot I recommend the Labone branch; for some reason they have managed to get the right temperature for coffee junkies who enjoy the sizzling stem on their tongue.

The airport branch by far is the most efficiently run and equally busy, catering to the large expat community who work in that area. The ambience is cool and relaxing and gives a good café feel for its clients.

Osu on the other hand, maybe because of its location works best for the “coffee to go” person. It’s a relatively small space which makes it difficult to sit in a relaxed environment. However the side walk patio provides a good view to the crazy Osu traffic for those that love the sound of horns and screaming drivers.

For the coffee itself, the quality of the bean and roast is good and gives a nice freshness to the taste. Moderately priced at GHC 5 a cup, one can get a good Cappuccino, Espresso or American to kick-start your morning or end your day.
Whilst Delifrance has in many ways helped in changing the coffee landscape in Ghana, it still has some way to go. Supply of coffee stirrers cannot be 100% assured as they’ve run out on a few occasions that I’ve been there. For those who love the coffee on-the-go, be ready because sometimes cups are just not available. And at least on two occasions the coffee machine in Osu was just not working.

Surely we can’t be too hard on the owners, it’s early days yet and hopefully service will get better. So for now enjoy your latté.