BEIGE acquires Empire Mutual Health Insurance

The BEIGE Group (TBG), a financial services provider, has acquired Empire Mutual Health Insurance (EMH), a licensed health insurance firm in Ghana.

The transaction had been ongoing for some time to ensure compliance with regulatory due diligence procedures and involves a one-year business transformation plan including an injection of new capital into EMH.

Empire Mutual Health, a private health insurance company, registered under the Companies Code of Ghana 1963 Act 179, started business operations in 2012 and offers comprehensive health insurance policies for corporate bodies and individuals.

Mr. Mike Nyinaku, CEO of BEIGE explained that the acquisition of Empire Mutual Health is an essential compliment to the platform TBG is building.

“We are carefully executing an agenda whose end is to place us in a position of advantage as we seek to establish a platform that will serve as Ghana’s supermarket for Financial Services. We have the distribution network that would support an effective roll-out of a variety of Health Insurance Products to the market so we’d hit the ground running. Customers can expect an aligned proposition that utilises the reputation and technical expertise of TBG to deliver an integrated service and improved value to clients,” Mike said.

TBG is a financial services provider with business interests in Banking, Pensions, Insurance and Investments.