Airtel recognised as the most Socially Devoted Brand

Airtel Ghana has been recognised, for the second time this year, as the most Socially Devoted brand by Socialbakers, a global social media analytics firm.

Airtel attained an 89 percent total response rate on Facebook, an increase over the first quarter’s 77 percent.

Socialbakers is the leading online, independent, global social media analytics and publishing company that monitors over 8 million social profiles across all the major social media platforms of companies on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and VK to set a benchmark for response times and response rates to questions from fans and customers of multiple companies.

A brand qualifies to be Socially Devoted if it responds to at least 65 percent of audience questions on Facebook and/or Twitter. Brands that communicate openly, actively responding to fans and striving to ensure customers receive quick answers to their queries, are statistically evaluated for this accolade.

Marketing Director at Airtel Ghana Rosy Fynn said: “Our success in social media is driven by the value we place on customer satisfaction, which clearly separates us from others. Our dedication to setting new standards for customer-experience positions us to connect our customers with subject-matter experts, and respond as quickly as possible to their diverse needs.

“The evolution of social media is truly an excellent tool to create a community where we can engage our customers to enable improved customer loyalty and more customer lifecycle moments of value. It’s great that we already have an efficient dialogue with our customers.”

A socially devoted brand is described as a brand that creates and opens lines of communication with its fans. Socially devoted companies set a new global standard that other businesses can adopt to improve their social media marketing strategy.

Social media has been a key channel of Airtel Ghana for interacting with its customers, and remains at the heart of its communication strategies.

As evidence of social media’s power, Airtel Ghana actively engages with its customers via social media platforms with the introduction of Airtel Care App — a free customer service App that comes with a smart layer of intelligence that allows Airtel pre-paid customers quick access to discover and self-manage a range of services — including account recharge, balance checks, Airtel Money functionalities, data-bundle subscriptions, Value Added Services and special offers.

Customers, with this App can also very easily at the click of a button, send customer enquires/complaints to the Airtel Customer Service team for quick resolution.

The telecoms company, in a bid to further deepen customer engagement, has also launched a WhatsApp number — 0266116611 — where customers can get answers to their questions and issues resolved in real-time.