Air ticket, cargo fares increase by 30 dollars

Airline and cargo fares will shoot up from next month following new charges introduced by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). This follows the introduction of a safety charge.  Airline tickets will now attract 10 dollars extra while cargo fares will increase by 20 dollars.

The increases are also due to the amended GCAA Act 2016, Act 906.


Justifying the need for the safety charge, Director of Legal Service, Corporate Communications and International Relations, Joyce Anakwa Thompson stated that the GCAA needs to sustain its operations. This is due to the fact that they are no longer under government subvention.

“We did indicate that the fees charged by the Authority ought to be approved by the Minister of Transport.”

Joyce Anakwa Thompson added that “there is no domestic application for now. It is for all international flights where international flights include regional flights.”

The GCAA, during a stakeholder’s forum, indicated it was likely to meet with the Board of Airlines on July 26 for discussions before  implementation.

This comes after Parliament last year amended sections of the existing Ghana Civil Aviation Act, 2004, (Act 678). It was assented by the President in February this year.

Meanwhile, Joyce Anakwa Thompson said that the new Amendment Act also presents harsher punishments for infringements. Infringement of any directives or regulations set by the Director-General under the GCAA Act now attracts 300,000 maximum penalty units. This is an increase from the previous 30,000.

Therefore infringing on any of the provisions of the Act attracts fines of up to GH₵ 3.6 million.

According to her, the scope of people to be licensed by the GCAA has also been expanded, under Section 235 of the new Act.  This includes cabin crew, flight and ground engineers, air traffic safety and electronic personnel.  All other personnel engaged in aircraft operations and allied aviation services are also included.

“If they do not carry licenses issued by the authority, they will not be permitted to discharge their functions” she said.