Act Differently to Achieve Differently-Jamil Qureshi

The 21st MTN Business World Breakfast Meeting was all inspiring and motivational as Jamil Qureshi, a renowned motivational speaker and high performance coach whose work has been described as ‘pure magical’ by the Daily Express took the center stage.

This was the last event of year 2017, was on the theme “Creating a Business Culture of High Performance” and as usual, hosted top business executives to network and pick up tips to stimulate further success in business

With a room filled with over 200 top business executives, Qureshi discussed his mantra of “Act differently, Think differently” in order to maximize the potential of leaders and teams.

His approach of mind psyching was so strong and different that delegates were all coaxed to nodding and clapping simultaneously during most of his 45 minute talk

Statements like “great leader is not about giving the right answers but asking the right questions” and “The world is a reflection of our own attitude” got many ruminating

To Qureshi, success is not about fixing gaps and weaknesses as many usually presume but instead it is all about that “incremental change” and marginal gains we experience everyday

And to achieving more and more of that is about constructing that unique mindset to thinking and acting differently to effect that change of success we all desire to achieve

Qureshi believes all our actions and behaviors come from how we think and feel and which eventually comes from the words and pictures in our head. “Our minds are like soil, whatever we plant will nourish and grow”

To Jamil for leaders to drive a sustainable, a purposeful and a long term change at workplace, then they must try to change the words and pictures in one’s head, move people into a different believe systems to get them committed instead of being compliant

“There is a great difference between compliance and commitment. The reason why people behave anyhow is because we tell them what to do and not changing how they view it; tell people to be different all the time and they will do it but that will drive a little change.

Qureshi believes strongly that, result is always greater if “we are motivated by what we seek to achieve rather than what we seek to avoid.