New Ghana Flag Carrier To Operate Domestic Flights

Based on the agreement signed, Ghana’s new national airline will operate domestic flights to build its brand, and become a household name, just as the defunct Ghana Airways did in the past, before exiting to focus on regional and intercontinental flights.

Tewolde GebreMariam confirmed this to the B&FT before the signing of the final agreement: “[If we are chosen] we will operate domestic flights in addition to regional flights.”

Analysts have raised concerns about the new flag-carrier operating domestic flights as the market is not big enough for such a huge number.

Ing. Simon Allotey, Director-General of the GCAA, however, believes that the: “Strategy is not to kill the competition. The whole idea is not to take the large market share, but to let Ghanaians know that this airline also exists; this is the quality of service to expect so if you are travelling to the sub-region, you may consider it.

There are some people who fly the same airline no matter what. So we need to build a loyal customer base and it [new carrier] cannot do that without domestic operations. Look at Ghana Airways, they did domestic for a long time before focusing on regional and intercontinental flights.”

The desire to establish a new home-based carrier after the collapse of Ghana Airways—a fully state-owned entity—and the subsequent collapse of Ghana International Airlines, established with private sector participation after the collapse of Ghana Airways, according to government, stems from growth in the sector experienced on the continent and the industry’s future potential