CBG Workers Compete For Limited Job Slots

Workers of the Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG) Limited are to compete against themselves in an interview process, for a slot if they are to continue to work with the bank after March next year.

The workers numbering over a 1000 lost their jobs when UniBank, Sovereign, Royal bank, Beige bank and Construction bank were consolidated by the Bank of Ghana three months ago.

Some of the workers, mainly sales executives of Beige bank, were laid off.

The rest have been on probation pending interviews after writing aptitude tests about a month ago.

Communication flow from management to workers have so far been through emails, creating anxiety among the workers.

But management of the bank for the first time after the consolidation had a face to face interaction with the workers in Accra last Saturday.

Addressing the workers at the first town hall meeting, Managing Director of the bank, Daniel Addo charged the workers to help management in building a strong foundation for the success of the bank.

“We will be the best and the biggest and that is a challenge, let us rise above the challenge, and so let us know that we have to bare some pain. I am bearing some pain, you will bear some pain. Your salaries have been reduced it wasn’t your fault. But let us first build the foundation, he urged”

He also charged the workers to work together as a team despite them coming from different banks.

“Let us get together as one. Let us get to a stage where when we are having a conversation we will not say, erstwhile Beige, erstwhile uniBank, but we will say, CBG, Consolidated bank Ghana,” Mr. Addo added.

So far, the Consolidated Bank has not more than 20 people employed officially who are all occupying managerial positions.

The rest of the workers numbering over 1000 have therefore been asked to compete for their positions in the bank.

On his part, Deputy MD of the bank Thairu Ndugu, on his part asked the workers to demonstrate their respective competencies, by March 2019.

We didn’t have enough time to decide who is going to go home and who is going to remain. So that he or should would have money in their pocket. We are now going through the exercise we call identifying people through the recruitment process. And the moment you get the job, we are going back to what we call job evaluation,” he noted.

He stated explained further that “some of you may get a bit more money, so now you are not a generic worker but you have a specific job within CBG. The challenge from here is for you to go and be interviewed. You will get another letter if you are interviewed, giving you your grade and your salary scale, because that is the new CBG job.” The onus is on you to compete competitively with your colleagues to get that job you desire. At the moment you are doing a generic job.”

Head of Human Capital, Esi Wilson explained the recruitment processes to the workers.

“In relations to the salary structure, we are a government bank now and so we needed to march ourselves to the existing government bank. After that was done we march the job evaluation to the salary structure,” she explained.

In August this year, workers of the five banks got to work and received the unfortunate news, their employers, were no more with them, because the bank of Ghana, had Consolidated their banks, into one bank owned by the government, the Consolidated Bank Ghana.